Issue trying to connect to our pbx server


I use PBX along with Twilio, and physical phones, as well as X-lite and Zoiper for over 50 Extensions worldwide. Everything worked fine, and still does, until we tried to connect our users in Brazil: whatever they do, our logs return a “Wrong Password” error message. We when down to “abc123” as a password, just to avoid any typo or missing character … still “Wrong Password”.

The “funny” thing is: we disabled the server response when the password actually is Wrong: so if you type a wrong password on purpose, from anywhere in the world, the server doesn’t response anything. But when we give the correct password, from this specific country (Brazil - we tried to set the same extensions from US and Europe and all works fine), we have this as a response…

Does anyone have a clue on this? Any experience with the same issue? Any idea on what we could do to fix?