Issue reaching extension when using EAGI

I’m trying to run this library GitHub - andrewyang17/goEagi for transcribing phone calls on FreePBX. Created an executable gave it permissions etc. and set it up to be fired when extension 100 is called. Code itself is run and it can listen to me speaking calling speech to text API and logging the result but the call never comes thru to my softphone. Anyone has any idea why would the call be disabled?

Here’s my extensions_custom.conf file:
exten => 100,1,Answer()
exten => 100,n,EAGI(goEagi)
exten => 100,n,DumpChan


Because that’s how EAGI works. It doesn’t operate/work in the background, once EAGI is called the channel hangs out in there until EAGI has it leave. If it does leave, then the EAGI stops receiving audio. You’d have to piece things together to make it work in the background - such as using ChanSpy to spy on a channel with a Local channel in the dialplan that has called EAGI.

thanks mate, for the quickest response I have ever witnessed :slight_smile:

You appear to have replaced the from-internal context. That will break everything.

Even if this has somehow added to it. you will have overridden priorities 1 through 3, some of which may be doing things essential for the call to 100 to work.

Hi Joshua, do you maybe have some links on how we can do it with all things that you wrote about? I am not really in this area of expertise and just trying to help our programmer :slight_smile:

There’s the documentation on the Asterisk wiki, otherwise no. I don’t have a pre-created example or anything, but people have done it before.

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