ISSUE - Phone Sidecar keys do not function when Phone is part of EPM Hot Desk Emergency CIDs

When the phone MAC address is specified in to the EPM ‘Hot Desk Emergency CIDs’ and the user logs to that Phone there is issues

  1. Sidecar keys do not light up i.e line key/call forwarding etc
  2. BLF keys do not light up
  3. BLF status does not change

If i remove the phone from Hot Desk Emergency CIDs in EPM these function normally

Phone models: Sangoma S505 / S705
Firmware Version: 1.61

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version: 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7
EndPoint Manager:
Extensions: PJSIP:
Rest Login: 2 profiles - Login Internal / Login External

Both phone provisioning and Rest API configured as HTTPS

Please open a support ticket of type commercial modules.

Yes i have done this View Ticket: #954940 i got told it was working no further coms

Still the same issue i am a bit lost.

I tried to look if this was a network issue to cover all bases to the best of my knowledge, even though it works if the Phone is not added to to the EPM ‘Hot Desk Emergency CID’
the Sidecar keys of the Sangoma phone work with no issue (All light up where required and BLF function)

I log a ticket and the cloud PBX the Technician connected the phone it worked fine he suggest it was a network issue so to prove this concept i installed Freepbx 15 on a VM with a out the box setup, creating an extension and registering a phone which is on the same network. seen that it work fine *45 'and sidecar button worked fine. I Then added the phone to the ‘Hot Desk Emergency CID’ and the phone sidecar button stopped working unless i rebooted after each login.

This does not make sense as if this was a network issue then surely the phone would not function normally if it was not part of the ‘‘Hot Desk Emergency CID’’ and if a fresh install does the same which is on the same network so no firewall rules apply.

Is it just me that is having this issue, has anyone else implemented this outside of Sangoma i’d like to know???

I am determined to solve this :slight_smile:

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