Issue on incoming calls after answered

Having an issue with incoming calls (and only incoming). When the phone rings and you pick it up, you cannot talk to the caller for a few seconds. My customers are complaining that they answer the phone and say hello and there is no response so they say hello again some times even 3 times then everything is fine. I pulled recording from the carrier and from the callers side everything sounds normal and there isn’t any delay and you don’t hear the first 1 or 2 Hello’s. I also noticed from the callers perspective the call didn’t start until the completion of the ring cycle where I suspect the called Party picked up in the beginning of the cycle. So far I cant tell if the PBX didn’t send the OK yet or the carrier didn’t look for OK until the ring was completed? Anyone else know of any issue that could be causing the delay.

Additional information… Its only impacting inbound calls. It happens on more then one of my PBX’s. I’m fairly certain (but not 100%) its only happening on analog phones that are using Grandstream ATA. I will post an update with firmware versions and if they are up to date on the Grandstream, but all PBX’s are up to date on patches and although I have 14, 15, and 16 PBX’s, I thing its only impacting 14, but that may be because they are the oldest and I haven’t upgraded all of them yet. This PBX is scheduled to be upgraded this week to 15.

I was unable to access the gxw8008 from a browser even though web access was enabled (but it still communicated with PBX?) so I replaced it with an HT818. I am waiting to hear if this has resolved the issue.

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