Issue Linking Extension to a Default User

I’ve been battling with this for a while now and figured it was time to asked forum for a little help. I have good number of users in my system. They show up in the User Managment module, they are able to log into their UCP, and they are associated with a primary account. Now most users has more than one extension on their end-point and this works really well. If a user goes into their UCP they are able to control each extension associated with them.

Where thing come apart is with iSymphony. Users only see their primary linked extension. Now of course I can turn off “Sync With User Managment” but that means I now have to manage users in two places making the iSymphony integration completely wasted.

One thing I did notice is that when I go into an extension and click on the “Link Extension to a Default User” the only things that show up in the list are “None” and “Create New User”. Shouldn’t that drop-down contain the list of possible users in the system? This seems odd to me. Am I totally missing something here?

FreePBX: 13.0.163 (edge mode)
Asterisk: 13.9.1

Not if they are already assigned.

Ah Ha! So that explains that. I had a feeling that was the case. Now the question is how do you associate more than one extension to a user for iSymphony? Unlike other apps in there are no settings of this in User Managment.

You should ask iSymphony to add a new option under the tab iSymphony in User Manager to provide additional linked secondary extensions for this user like we do in UCP for Voicemail and other things.

This would be a feature request to iSymphony guys.

Got it! Wasn’t sure who handle their module. I will reach out to them about it.

Thank you for the super fast responses.

our understanding is that isymphony does not support users with multiple extensions but we also know it works.

go into the isymphony admin (url:58080/administrator/admin) and you can add additional extensions to users. the only tip i can give you is that when doing this it either creates or makes a memory leak in isymphony worse so if this will be a heavily used isymphony then you should add a cron job to restart it periodically.