Issue getting Sangoma A400 & Digium TDM400P Cards Instal

Hi all,

I have this issues gettings this two cards working together.

Before now, I have TDM400P x 2 working perfectly on a FC6 Box running asterisk-1.4.5, zaptel-1.4.3 and ofcourse libri-1.4.0 with freepbx-2.2.1.

Now, I added the sangoma A400 card with 5 (5x2=10) fxo modules and install wanpipe. It did installed fine. Now the issue is this.

  1. when I run setup-sangoma, it will automatically dectet the sangoma cards only, produce a zaptel.conf with all channels from the sangoma card (e,g fxsks=1 … fxsks=10, zapata-auto.conf and run wanrouter and thus start asterisk. but it doesn’t detects the TDM400P cards and so it cards will not work. Now, if I run ztcfg -vv I get error saying "ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 9 error on line (22). Did you forget that FXS channels are signalled with fxoks and FXO channels are signalled with fxsks.

  2. when I run genzaptelconf. it will auto detect the TDM400P cards, produce zaptel.conf with channels from the TDM400P cards (e,g fxsks=1 … fxsks=8) and thus produce zapata-auto.conf. but it doesn’t detect the sangoma cards.

Both in both cases, asterisk starts but, I can’t use both cards together.

have anyone seen this issue b4? if yes, what is it I am missing or what is left to be done to get both cards to work.

Cheers to all.

thanks so much for that. I appreciate.

I actually did that and I got it to work, but each time I reboot the PC or there is need to reboot, both cards stop working after rebbo(although asterisk will start). I got error from both ztcfg and wanrouter as before satying “ZT-CHANCONFIG failed on channel 9 … etc”. Now when I did a bit troubleshooting, I found that on my box at [[email protected] /], I saw fxo_1, fxo_2, … fxo_8 file generated by genzaptelconf for the 8 fxo ports on my TDM400P cards.

So, I am wondering if this is what ZT_CHANCONFIG is looking at that directory and ofcourse can’t find channel 9 and so on.

Can we shed more light on this? if thats the course, how can I create the files (fxo_9 … fxo_32) for the remaining FXO channels and get ZT_CHANCONFIG notified of it.

Note I also did “ls /dev/zap” and found 1 2 … 24 listed as those of the sangoma cards listed.


I would be ‘nervous’ trying to run those two different card together, even once you get it working. But sangoma’s utility is not going to work on anything but their stuff. And genzaptelconf comes in many flavors. Your best bet is to do both as you have done, save each respective set of zaptel/zapata files that get generated, and then ‘hand merge’ them. Make sure to run the sangoma utility last. Maybe that will get you to wear you want to go - but - as mentioned, sounds questionable.