Issue connecting Linphone to FreePBX

I have my extension configured and I even have Zioper working fine but I’d prefer to use Linphone. For some reason when I put the extension and the password in and select TLS it will not connect. Currently I have FreePBX on a VM with ports on my firewall open to port 5061. I am using PJSIP as the protocol. I have a DNS entry on Cloudflare that updates using DDNS pointing to me ISP IP address. I am using that domain name to resolve the IP address. Again this all works fine with Zoiper but I can’t figure out why Linphone is not working.

Open up ‘sngrep’ in the cli and check what happens when you try to register. If there is no traffic, it may be a firewall issue. Then if there is any, check the Asterisk CLI for any errors.

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