Issue after upgrade to 10.13.66.-18

after upgrading PBXact from 10.13.66-17 to 10.13.66-18, I get an error message on the Sangoma IP phones when trying to access Phone Apps: failure to load XML file 1

I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that you might want to include adding a commercial ticket since you’re on PBXact and are using Sangoma Phones.

I’ve had the same issue with 2 PBXact systems. I had to manually upgrade the restapps module using fwconsole upgrade restapps .

BLF on parking button is not working - I have a ticket open with support on this.

Thanks, James - we’ll give it a shot

James - that did it. Thank you so much!

I had this happen on another pbxact system… Restapps quit working until I manually upgraded it.

This may answer my issue with not seeing XML-API as well. I will try and let you know

updating by going into the secret modules section worked. Just had to update a few things.

Edit: Parking App just dials ### now. it does not dial ##70#. This is sort of an issue i think. :slight_smile: I am using yealink phones but i dont think it matters. It pulls the data from the applications.php/parking scripts

For the extensions experiencing this issue, edit the extension and resubmit the page without making any changes. That should fix.