ISP forcing static IP change

My ISP is forcing an IP change to all static IP customers. Of course, all of our Polycom phones have our current IP as the SIP Server and Provisioning Server (using Endpoint Manager).

Is there an easier way to update all of my provisioned phones (SIP Server IP/Provisioning Server IP), or will I need to manually update all of them through the Polycom device web interface?

I tried entering a custom IP in the endpoint management and pushed it out to a phone. Phone Restarted and unfortunately, it did not update the SIP Server IP or Provisioning Server IP in the Polycom device web interface.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

If anyone can point me to any best practices for changing the FreePBX Server IP, that would be helpful as well.

My FreePBX version is (I can never get the update to go through).


I’m confused, are you using something like Endpoint Manager to provision your phones? However you set them up to begin with is the procedure to update them.

And use an FQDN this time around to assist a change in the future.

I plugged the freepbx info into the polycom web interface for each phone to set them up. Phone connects to the provisioning server (freepbx), and reboots/downloads/installs. Then it is good to go. Yeah, FQDN would have saved me.

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