ISOs missing from Distro Download Page

It appears that somebody updated the ISO page here:

and deleted all of the ISOs that include Asterisk 1.8.9 and 1.8.10 and 1.8.11.

As a result, the link to download the Distro on this page:

returns a bad link.

Wow cant get anything by you guys. Was just cleaning up the files a little. Was missing for like 15 mins. Should all be back now

Well, they’re not back yet, but I can see that you’re reorganizing the directories and uploading them, so I’m sure they’ll be up soon.

Are you really going to include a Full ISO as well?

Yes real soon on the Full ISO. That is why I am cleaning the directories up. Should have a Beta tonight or tomorrow of the new Full ISO and new NetInstalls.

They should be all updated already

You are making me happy Tony!