Isolating ARI

Hi everyone,

I’m currently runningAsterisk without any GUI bue I would like getting the recordings and stats using FreePBX (just CDR reports being controlled by freePBX, nothing else). How can I isolate ARI and get what I want done without letting FreePBX do anything else and being able to see the reports via web?


ARI is a stand alone package. Just google Asterisk recording interface.

There are also several CDR packages on sourceforge.

Sorry, but I didn’t find much just by typing Asterisk Recording Interface. As far as I understand ARI was created by littlejohnconsulting but now a days there is no trace of this proyect. I tried looking for it oin FreePBX svn but no luck. ¿Where have you seen the package?

By the way, found little at sourceforge.


Yeah, I noticed that. Looks like someone has been cleaning up.

I would just pop FreePBX on a VM and take the entire tree of /var/www/html/recordings

If you look in the setup file you can substitute the variables for static value of your CDRDB and Asterisk Manager.

That should be all you need.

Here is the software I was sending you to find on sourceforge:

What setup file do mean?
I already donde what you propose (taking the whole recordings directory into the server running vanilla Asterisk) but that’s it, it gives errors everywhere when looking at the httpd log.


Lot’s of notes in file about stand alone mode. Just remember that FreePBX used to be called AMP

What does AMP stand for?

Asterisk Management Portal

Sorry for posting one question per post but some answers lead to answer other questions…What is the Asterisk Call Manager? I mean, I know AMI or AGI…but ACM…I’ve never heard about it.

Looking at it in context that is the manager credentials. I can tell by the variable it pulls from FreePBX

Since ARI has been fully adopted by FreePBX it has become more and more dependent to FreePBX.

Although it is still basically a standalone application, you’ll probably find more issues over time if not running FreePBX.

It does require settings and some of the FreePBX tables, and has started to require new fields in the CDR such as the recordingfile, and there are undoubtedly more expectations. As far as any development efforts on it, we assume 100% of the time that it is paired with FreePBX.

I did not even think of that, I would load version 2.5 of FreePBX (you can get the tarball from sourceforge). It has most unadulterated ARI I can think of.

could be, but possibly complete with security vulnerabilities, etc… might not be the best idea, I don’t recall if the last vulnerability which was pretty severe was even fixed all the way back to 2.5.

I also was not even considering that it might be exposed to the Internet. That would also be a caveat to my less than completely thought through suggestions.