ISDN "Anlagenanschluss"


we’re using freepbx in a virtual machine. the active isdn line is connected with a trunk to the asterisk. a lancom 1823 is used as isdn gateway. this piece of hardware is causing often problems and i want to replace it. does anyone know a solution to get an active isdn (Anlagenanschluss) connected to the virtual machine?


Havent try’d it my self yet, but i have heard that Patton is usually a good choice, don’t know if its available at your location.

Hope it helps.

hello richard,

thanks for the reply. just to close the thread - i have purchased a patton 4638 smartnode and it works great with my freepbx. the config was quite a piece of work (the patton setup), but now everythings works smooth.

Thanks for the hint