Is trunk provider able to know IP of peer connected to PBX?

most of question is about anonymity using Android - what should be better for anonymity if desired - Skype over VPN or SIP over PBX? just because skype starts and stops whenever you want in period VPN is connected, and SIP apps running as system service, so need wi-fi to became already from VPN, and sure quality issues using VPN cause of delays… and general - is trunk provider able to know peer IP?

there are lot of SIP providers offering anonymity which appears anyway in promising of no logging at their PBX, they can’t give you more, so it seems it will be enough - just like running own VPN instead of paid, running on same public providers and offering only no logging at all - with only requirement that this VPN or PBX itself running anonymously - that right?

Yes. They are able to know the IP of your PBX. In fact, if you’re using IP Auth they need to know the IP of the PBX to allow it to send calls to them. They also need to know the IP in order to send calls to it. When you “register” your SIP trunk, they are storing the IP of the PBX so they can send calls to it.

I’m not sure what SIP providers are saying they don’t “log” activity because they would need logs in order to troubleshoot, logs for CDRs/billing, logs to see what is actually happening on their network and their systems. If this is some “provider” saying they won’t log your calls or your traffic then they aren’t a real SIP provider.


Nope. They can’t. That’s not how point-to-point communications work. They may not track your calls (although I’d find that a little worrisome) or they may not send caller ID information (which is OK, I suppose), but if they can send you a call, they are definitely tracking your IP address.

I mean not PBX IP - sure if I register it to the trunk service, I will provide - but IP of a peer connected to PBX! if you wish to know example, sip-system - they are lot of similars… just google changing call id and it appear as 5-10 of them minimum…

so I ask that if your will not share peer IP to PBX trunk so your PBX won’t share it self…

Asterisk is a back to back user agent, the leg connected to your vsp has no knowledge of the IP of the extension on the other leg.

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