Is This Shared Line Appearance?

Not sure if what I’m trying to do is “shared line appearance”. I’m reading the docs… promise I am… just finding it difficult to connect the terms in some areas.

My goal is to provide our users with an easy way to grab a make a new call either internally or externally. One of our previous providers was able to show the extension number multiple times on each unit AND to use the same CID and outbound route (or same extension for internal calling). For example:

Polycom 650

  • Line 1: 301
  • Line 2: 301
  • Line 3: 301
  • Line 4:
  • Line 5:
  • Line 6:

Is there a way of doing this? Is there an EASIER way of accomplishing the same goal without doing this.

Thanks, in advance.

  • G. Deward

There is no easy way currently to turn FreePBX which is a PBX into a key-system, which is apparently what you are trying to do. Maybe just learn to go with the flow?

… are your comments always so arrogant? Telling someone to “go with the flow” while they are trying to figure out what the flow IS, is just cruel. Not everyone who comes to these forums will have years of telco or Asterisk experience.

I asked a simple question… whether or not something is possible and/or the right way of accomplishing a goal. Clearly I’m still new at this. It would be great to actually receive an answer, a link, or some type of clarification on the question.

Not arrogant. more pragmatic. Please feel as offended as you want. Alternatively you could maybe put your learning hat on.

… asking a question in a forum is not considered “learning?” I asked for clarification on a concept that I LEARNED over the past few days. Why was that so wrong?

(OK, I am probably considered arrogant around here, maybe by your conventions I am, but truly my systems work, do yours yet? )

The concept you learned over the last few days was incomplete, I will amend my post to say again

There is no easy way currently to turn FreePBX which is a PBX into a key-system, which is apparently what you are trying to do.

Does that offend you?

… no. Meaningless… yes. Telling someone what something is NOT proves nothing.

And the system that I was referring to was a SIP-based system. So, the example I provided had nothing to do with a conventional PBX. Even if that was what the previous company MODELED their implementation after, there is no way for someone with a few days in to know that such a scenario is wrong or that there is a better way.

Then please wait for an alternative meaningful answer.

Your question is hard to comprehend.

Can you have the same extension more than once on a single phone, yes.

Can you have the same extension on more than one phone, no.

Can you monitor an extension status on another phone, and pick it up if it is ringing, yes.

Can you put a call on hold and pick it up at another extension, never.

Can you park a call with one button, assign a key or series of keys to the parking slots, light the key and pick the parked call up with one touch, yes.

Hope this helps.

There are actually lots of resources on migrating from key telephones and doing it effectively. Start here:

I’ve always heard this referred to as simply “line presence.” I’m new to FreePBX myself, but this appears to be accomplished this through the use of a template within Endpoint Manager. You mentioned you’re using a Polycom 650. You should be able to simply create a template for the 650 and set the program keys (scroll to the bottom) and select “Line Key” for Button 1, Button 2, and Button 3.

Hope this helps.

You really want to use the EFK function on the Polycom’s so you can have directed call pickup in addition to simple line presence.

You are correct SkydiverFL, shared line refers to a line appearance on multiple phones. Shared line with Broadsoft enhancements is the ability to place call on hold at one phone and pick it up on the other along with a hold indication. Asterisk 12 supports shared line but not Broadsoft enhancements.

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Thanks for the tip on the EFK suggestion. I’ve just installed my first PBX (paid for hosted services since '05) and I’m just now trying to learn all of the terminology (while juggling my real job). Your suggestion helped me find a doc that I’ve been WANTING to find but couldn’t because of my vocabulary.

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