Is this possible: PARK (then) ring (vs) park and announce

Hi SangomaOS Team:

I know if we purchase these two commercial modules
Parking Pro
Paging Pro

We get the module: Park & Announce

We could do this: purchase the (2) commercial modules
(no problem really; enjoying these paid modules), but it does not do quite what we are desiring.

Is it possible for this type of setup on incoming SIP “calls”

Have the PBX “answer” and park the call (70)
At the same time as the park (70) occurs: send out a “call” to a ring group or extension?

I would call this: park and RING

The phone would need to see the caller ID name/number of the parked call while the phone is ringing …

The phone would need to be able to answer from the lot (71) or from the ringing phone (using) the normal methods (speaker phone, answer button, pressing the lot button, or lifting the handset).

Might be a stretch on some of this … but the goal would be

To have incoming calls answered and parked; keep the ringing going and notify a ring group of extensions.

Thanks for any wishful thinking here …

As far as I can tell, you’ve described exactly what a queue does. What does park do here that a queue wont?

Ah, wonderful reply.

Thank you so much!
I’m going to build this and I’ll keep you posted.

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