Is this posible with FreePBX + additional software?

Hello everybody,
First of all thanks to the comunity for this great platform. It’s by far my favourite voip sw.

Here’s my question,
I have to create a Helpdesk with FreePBX Distro.
The client wants to control their employees monitoring extensions, he wants to see what extensions are in use, how many time they have been talking, the number of calls they have answered… etc

I would like to know if there is a compatible software with FreePBX distro able to do this.

Thanks a lot.

Take a look at iSymphony and QXact Reports

iSymphony will give them real time monitoring, and QXact will give them customizable historical reports.

You may also want to consider licensing voicemail notifications, which can make it easy for your help desk to account for afterhours calls, and provide response time SLA’s even for calls that are missed.

If you want to take a look at these features on a live system submit a demo request here and we can get someone to schedule an online demonstration for you.

Thanks for your fast answer, i’ll take a look at it on monday at work.