Is this normal behaviour?

I have setup a queue and logged one ext into it, when I call into the queue the phone rings and I receive the exptected messages. However, after about 5-10 seconds the extension stops ringing, even though the call is still routing at the calling end. Then after another 5 seconds or so the extension starts up again. I can’t seem to find any setting that would control this behaviour but I can’t believe this is correct?

Any thoughts?


FreePBX distro ( asterisk 1.8)

This is pretty much correct behaviour for a queue. The following settings are involved:

  1. Agent Timeout: This is the amount of time that an available agent phone will ring for. increase this to increase the time the agent phone will ring. After the amount of time the agent phone rings if the agent does not pick up the call the caller gets pushed back onto the queue.
  2. Retry: This is the amount of time a caller who is pushed back onto the queue will sit there before trying to ring another (or the same) agent which will again ring for “agent timeout” seconds.

Hope this helps.

After posting I dug a little deeper and tested a nit more and found these settings, however whilst retry worked in reducing the time the phone stopped ringing for, the Agent timeout didn’t have much effect even when set to unlimited. Should I be for some sort of individual or global override setting?