Is this feature available on FREEPBX?

Hi all, im quite new to FREEPBX, we are still using pure asterisk so far.

I need to know, if its possible to easily, block a specific extension from dialing to another specific extension…

In our server, we dont want that most of the users be able to dial to some extensions, lets say i dont want to 200 extension be able to dial to the owner of the company, in case they found out which extension he uses.

Like a drop down menu, where i could select which extensions user can dial and which dont.


ok i installed the custom context module…

Now i create a custom context, suppose, to allow extension 201 to call only VM and 3 more extensions, 200, 222 and 205 lets say.

i have to option to block all calls and allow calls to VM, but i dont see how i would allow call for the other extensions, the extensions are not in the INTERNAL DIALPLAN on the custom context.

Could someone, please give me a little help?

i will try to use it, if any questions arise, i come back for you guys.


Custom Contexts?

Hello, as mentioned by Bill, you can use the custom context module. When you set that up, SET ALL TO=Deny Rules and in the dial rules, put for example;


Then apply the context on the device/extension (which is a pulldown menu of the contexts names you’ve created in custom context module).

The above will deny the numbers or a pattern as you wish.