Is This A Good Phone Setup?


I am currently having severe issues with the current phone setup I have. (I am only surrounded by copper wire, and cannot get any fiberoptic connection whatosever)

I currently have all users running on a cloud based pbx system with, that all run off of a DSL modem (8mbps down and .756 mbps up). All the users also run on a g711ulaw codec. The current setup is beyond horrible, and I need to improve it dramatically.

My solution is as follows:

  • install a dedicated t1 line (1.5 mbps both ways).
  • all extensions will have a 729a codec license
  • FreePBX is setup within the local network. I would no longer use a cloudbased pbx system.

If I do this setup, do you think it would work well? I need the quality of voice to be good. I know FreePBX system will work well, but I am not sure if that setup will provide good quality of voice?

The max amount of users on at one time would be 12 users.

Your help and comments are greatly appreciated! Do you think I should do anything differently?

Thank You

J. Greene

How many users? The T1 may be overkill. Do you have Business Class cable?

We are a Schmooze Communications (the sponsors of FreePBX) partner and provide “on net” managed solutions. If you want to discuss your situation send me a PM with your contact info.


Hi, thank you for your comment. Our system would have 20 extensions in total, however only a maximum of 12 users would be on the phones at once. We only have copper wiring around our office so business class cable is not an option for us. We can only have DSL and a T1 line. I want to put in a T1 line instead of a dedicated DSL modem as there would be no jitter etc. Since I would be using 729a codec, is this a good option, or what do you think I should do? The T1 is dedicated for only the phone system.

I don’t think you need the g.729 with the T1, it will handle 20+ full bit rate sessions, why take the quality hit of the compression.

As I said send me a PM I can get you a great deal on a T1 that is “on net” with our Schmooze powered voice network.

Hi, thank you for your response. g711ulaw doesn’t require a license does it? Also, I tried accessing my voicemail with g711ulaw but it wouldn’t go through. It only worked when using g729a.

You must have g729 selected in SIP settings, the phone or in the extensions. ulaw (that is g711) is the default CODEC.