Is there anyone willing to teach me?

What I want to learn is also very simple, but it is too slow. I don’t have much time, but I like freepbx very much, and I really want to find someone who is both a teacher and a friend. Or you can ask for it. Knowledge should be shared and taught. Thank you, I am looking forward to the willing one

What are you looking to do? The more you share, the more people who can help. I have had great luck in these forums knowing nothing about Asterisk or FreePBX to building sophisticated, multi-server applications thanks to the people here. @lgaetz, @cynjut, @dicko, @BlazeStudios, @billsimon and many more have helped me learn a great deal over the last few years.

@Crosstalk also has a well built out series, segmented step by step.


ANNNNNNDDDDD @Stewart1 of course! :slight_smile:

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