Is there any way to show DND status on a button?

I have Aastra 6731i phones and I am trying to setup a button to show when a user is either busy or in DND. Just setting up the BLF is easy with the EPM. It is the DND that is driving me nuts. I have read in several places that using the XML approach is not the way to go for liability reasons, not that I understand how to do that anyway. But, I find it hard to believe as sophisticated as this system is that this is a difficult thing to accomplish. In another system using Asterisk 1.4 they have a Pause button that did exactly what I want to do. Before you suggest I ask them I would rather not…

Would the professional version of the Endpoint manager (sorry the official name escapes me at the moment) accomplish this?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the link. I have read that thread several times. I am just not getting it. If I look at the hints. the hint never changes when I put a phone in and out of DND. I am using *76. In the Aastra key programming I have tried just about everything I can find. If I need to change entries in the extension.conf, I cannot find it.


The auto generated hint for each extension includes the DND status by default unless disabled in Advanced Settings. If they pressed DND it will show them as busy, otherwise it will show their normal status (ringing, not busy, on hold, etc.). This BLF also provides a speed dial to that extension if programmed as a normal BLF and other fancy capabilities are possible with other Aastra modes.

There is no custom anything that needs to be done in extensions_custom.conf.

this doesn’t work. I can see the app-dnd-on has the code to set the status to BUSY, but in reality, it does not get set. I can manually set the status in Asterisk and it works as it should. Where is the breakdown? How do we fix this? I have been working on this issue since yesterday and cannot find a solution.