Is there any extensions creator tool?

Starting from a fresh distro installation, is there any tool to create a set of extensions from scratch other than bulk extensions ??

Compiling a csv file with all those parameters by hand is a pain, also with usual CSV editors…

Bulk extensions is actually easy, when you realise that most of the params can be left blank 8)

yes, always used that, but when you have to configure 20+ phones , with different extno. VMno, etc.etc. is really annoying… cut and paste can be helpful between columns but…

It would be interesting a starting program asking for extension start-end , and append it to various column for example…

No with bulk handler you do not need to provide all that. YOu can provide just extension number, device type and the rest will auto get set.

The columns you leave blank, those will get auto set as well?
Auto set to default?
What about secret e.g?

Secret would be set to blank.

There should be an easy way to set the secret for a new extension for a mass update like this. Since the system doesn’t react well to bad secrets, forcing someone to add a good secret to each extension would suck.

I wonder if something like this would work: If they actually want the secret to be blank, put in a code (like the string <blank>). If the secret is empty, assume they want a real password to be generated. If an e-mail address is included in the CSV file, have the “Welcome” e-mail sent with the password.

For SIP secrets, from the GUI in bulk handler, import, extensions:

secret (Secret [Enter "REGEN" to regenerate]),

Users can use the UCP ‘forgot password’ link reset user passwords.


I mean it should be relatively easy (not for a noob like me) to produce a script or a graphic interface asking for most important parameters (few ones) to assemble a basic csv file, i.e.:

extension range ? 101 to 150
all with same secrets ? Y/N if N which prefix/suffix ? (in order to produce a secret like abc[extno]xyz for each extension
VM ? Y/N (and same behaviour for VM secret)
Extension name = Extension101 , Extension102…Extension150

All to be converted into csv to be imported with bulk extension

Then all can be modifies as usual by maintainer…

The only problem I see with this is the maintenance. We are seeing enough database updates that backups from one minor version to another don’t work.

On the other hand, you could do the whole thing in an Excel spreadsheet and go to town. Save the resulting file as a CSV and you’re off to the races. Actually, that was the point of the earlier posts - creating a spreadsheet that does everything that needs to be done is dead simple, and since it’s only ever going to be used once per installation, it seems like a good thing for the incoming maintainer to actually do.