Is there a way to upgrade Vega 50 from CLI?

hi, i am struggling with the gui on my Vega50, the http connection seems unstable however, the ssh is solid. i am on x63 and would like to upgrade to current x69 however, i cannot get the gui to complete the upgrade. is there a way to upgrade from the cli?


I’m not an expert on the Vega 50, but if your SSH connection is solid, have you thought about using an SSH tunnel to get to the web interface over your SSH connection?

Jared, no, i did not try that. i more suspect that the vega gui is not compatible anymore with modern browsers. I am pretty sure layer 1 and 2 to the vega are solid and ssh is also solid so i don’t think tunneling will help.

What i was able to do is just keep re-trying using firefox. after a few attempts, the upload went through and the upgrade completed.

I was hoping that the newer firmware would make the gui more stable…but that does not seem to be the case.

anyway, i was hoping for a cli command to upgrade the firmware, but as I look at the cli help, it does not appear there is a cli firmware upgrade command.

thanks anyway.

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