Is there a way to stop Digium phones from ringing when they're included in a page group?

Is there a way to stop Digium phones from ringing when they’re included in a page group?


I’ve changed a bunch of settings in the page group settings but nothing seems to make a difference. I’ve tested this against 2 different setups with identical results.

Can anyone at least tell me if their setups work without a ring before the page beep?

I am curious about this myself. I have tried a number of times and even posted on this board and haven’t found the answer.

From here:<ringtones>

You’re looking for the ring_type parameter for the alert. If you’re hearing a ring before the answer happens, the alert you’re triggering has a ring_type of “ring-answer”. If you want the phone to go straight to answer, then you want “answer”

Malcolm’s answer is correct, but it’s not a straightforward matter to override the defaults set with with FreePBX. I have an Endpoint Manager ticket in now to provide control for this in the EPM template.

You can do this with an EPM basefile edit, by locating these lines:

      <alert alert_info="ring-answer" ringtone_id="Digium" ring_type="ring-answer" />
      <alert alert_info="&lt;;;info=ring-answer" ringtone_id="Digium" ring_type="ring-answer" />

and changing only the ring_type param (not the alert_info param) to ‘answer’ as follows

      <alert alert_info="ring-answer" ringtone_id="Digium" ring_type="answer" />
      <alert alert_info="&lt;;;info=ring-answer" ringtone_id="Digium" ring_type="answer" />

These basefile edits will work today, but will ultimately conflict with whatever changes are done in EPM to support controlling paging alert-info.

yes you are correct, however where do I change what alert-info the server is sending to the phones?

They’re sending Ring-Answer. I can go into the base file for each phone and change the alert-info there to just be answer.

Wouldn’t it be better to allow the type of alert being sent from the paging/intercom module? There is already the “intercom” alert which is just Answer.

James, The info provided by mdavenport is correct and was expanded on by igaetz. Just tested this on my test setup and am pushing currently to a demanding client.

With paging module versions and 16.0.13 (now in edge) there’s a new param in advanced settings for the admin to control how P/D phones work for paging:


That’s awesome! Thank you.

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