Is there a way to make bulk edits to extensions?

If I need to make a change to all extensions (like enable voicemail to email, enable call recording, etc) is there a way to do this in FreePBX? Obviously I can’t just edit the conf files since FreePBX will write over that.

The easiest way is under Bulk Extensions - download a CSV with your current extension list, pull it into a spreadsheet, update the fields that are wrong, and upload back in.

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I’ve only ever used Bulk Extensions to import on a new setup. I didn’t realize you can overwrite extensions with it.

So thank you, I will give that a try.

Use the “edit” directive (IIRC), and only update the fields that need changed. While it doesn’t hurt to overwrite the old stuff with the old stuff, there’s no advantage in it.

If you are brave and know what you are doing then you could edit the MySQL tables directly. I do this to allow users to enable and disable voicemail themselves. My users dial a number to say enable voicemail, this runs a script that puts there request in a data file. A cron job runs hourly that reads this file, make any required changed to the FreePBX MySQL tables and then is there have been any changes calls amportal to rebuild the configs. But you really need to understand what you are doing and I suspect this would not be recommended by the FreePBX guys, understandably.