Is there a way to make a conference with click-to-call

I wanna add functionality to make a conference and add a person to an existing call. Is there a way i didnt find a how to somewhere! Thanks in advanced!

You need to provide more info, otherwise no one will understand what you want.

You make a conference by users dialing a conference number, that you build in FreePBX.
Many phones also provide a way to make a three way conference via a soft key.

Ok to clarify what i need is a programmatically way to add to click-to-call a number and add a person to an existing call (The agent would call the third person not the person dialing a conference number). I don’t want to do it locally on a phone rather than asterisk server itself. If anyone can point me to the right direction i would be grateful. Thanks again!

Use conference pro, where you can invite people to conferences from UCP, or use a Switchboard software like FOP2, where you can do the same.

Both work very well.