Is there a way to hook up an Analog Valcom system to Asterisk?

Is there a way to hook up an Analog Valcom system to Asterisk? I tried to use an FXS adapter but a busy signal was coming over the speakers.

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Which one? There are several ways to interface to the PBX. so an FXS adapter may or may not be the right solution.

There was a thread here about three weeks ago about how to hook up a Paging system that used to be hooked up to a proprietary PBX through an FXO port - is that what you’re trying to do?

I believe it is the VALCOM VC-V-2924A but I would needd to double check.
Yes, as of now the old system (an avaya IP office) was hooked up to it via the tip and ring.

Thank you

Seems to me the last time we talked about one of these, the consensus was to get a phone with an audio output and connect it to the T/R connection. The speaker system doesn’t actually have the right circuitry to work with an FXO port - it just uses an RJ-11 phone jack as the audio input.

There were other suggestions (IIRC @dicko suggested a stand-alone interface whose name escapes me) as well as hooking it up to the audio output on a sound card (there is/used to be a driver for that) so drive the system.

You could also use a paging adapter. Cyberdata and Algo both work well and are also supported in the commercial EPM if you’re using it.

I use the Snom PA1 almost exclusively for paging. It works awesome and it is also supported by EPM if you use that.

Analog paging systems connect in two ways, FXS and FXO. You need to find out which way. Use a telephone test set and connect to the paging system. If you can go off hook and page with the test set, then you need FXO ports, otherwise FXS.

Here’s the PDF for installation of the device:

The tricky part is that the system is also (for putposes of discussion) a PBX in it’s own right. You plug a phone into it to control it. The Valcom has an FXS port, which means you need to connect an FXO port to it to make it work. From there, your Asterisk system “becomes” a phone that talks to the Valcom.

This implies that you need to set up a DAHDI trunk that listens for the system like a local phone, so setting the PBX up as a phone line connected system would be step 1. This means setting up a trunk and using a prefix to dial this trunk. After that, this sucker looks like it’s crazy powerful.

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