Is there a way to edit Digium phone settings from FreePBX?

We need to change extensions on all of our phones. At first, we thought we could do this from the OSS Endpoint Device List but it’s not working how we expected to. The steps we did are:

  1. Added the new extensions by importing bulk extensions CSV file.
  2. Went to OSS Endpoint Manager, edited the phone and assign it to its new extension.
    We thought by clicking “Rebuild” would push the setting on the phone and update it from its old extension to the new extension. Isn’t this how it should work?
    If that is not how it should work, where can we update all of our phone extensions on the phones via FreePBX?

Another option for us is to access each phone’s settings (typing in the phone’s IP address on the browser) and just change the extension manually one by one. This is not the fastest way to do it.

If anyone knows the faster way to change phone extensions on the phone settings via FreePBX, we would love to hear your solution to our issue.

I don’t know how oss epm works but simply rebuilding the configs does nothing. You have to reboot the phones so they can ask for the updated config, assuming they are pointed to your server. The commercial EPM has an option to send a reboot. I think the oss one does too.

tl;dr reboot after rebuilding the phones. Make sure your server is the “configuration server” in the phone"

We rebooted the phone. It has no effect. We tried to set the phone for our phone server to be the configuration server and used the default port TFTP and it failed connecting to it.

If I recall correctly digium phones provision with http not ftp

Do you know if we can use DPMA for pushing configuration changes from asterisk to the phone?