Is there a ${VARIABLE} that will indicate a transfer?

Something changed when I went from Asterisk 1.6/fpbx 2.8 to my current environment of Asterisk 1.8/fpbx 2.10. I had some custom logic in extensions_custom.conf for ring-answer that worked fine for years. Since the context is the same when (a) a call is made extension-to-extension or (b) a call is being “attended transferred”, I found that CALLERID(name)= “device” was true when a call was being transferred. This was perfect since I could suppress the ring-answer header in those cases and avoid an outside call automatically being answered. Now “device” is gone. I have looked at this list of variables to see if there is something I can test but no luck so far. They are all the same regardless of a ext-to-ext call or a transfer.

Since this used to work I assume there is a solution. Any help?