Is there a SIP paging adapter that has 500ohm output

I am trying to hook up to an existing paging system. The amp has a 500ohm input for the Tel line. Is there a way for me to a way to output to that?

Thank you

600ohm is normal.

The cyberdata model has it.

Thank you. I had original purchased this fanvil, but it looks like its only 4ohm output

You can also use impedance matching gear like this.

Try connecting the Headset output of the Fanvil to the input on your amp. The 32 -> 500 ohm mismatch shouldn’t affect anything and the 1.2V output is safe for the amp.

If it works but you get hum, try also connecting a ground wire between the two devices. Fanvil has a grounding screw; I assume that your amp has similar.

If you still have hum, try connecting the Fanvil Headset output to an RCA input on your amp, if it has one. + to center pin, - to shell.

If still no luck, post results.

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