Is there a replacement module for 'Outbound Route Permissions' that will work with 2.10


I want to restrict a single extension to internal and local calls only. I have outbound routes controlling this by trunk, but I need to add control for just one extension that uses an analog phone (ZAP/DAHDI) channel on a TDM400 board. This is a phone sitting by a pool and we don’t want people making long distance calls on it. I have searched the forums and found references to the Outbound Route permission module but this hasn’t been updated in 2 years and it is not compatible with FreePBX 2.10. Has the functionality been replaced by something else?


Set an outbound route using the CID field that null route LD to an anointment that indicates LD not available on this extension.

Make sure you move that route to the top of the list.

Read the tool tip it explains how to use the route CID field on an extension level route.