Is there a limit to the number of Dial Patterns FreePBX 2.10 can have in an Outbound Route?

I’m trying to setup an Outbound Route for our local calling area. I keep clicking the Add More Dial Pattern Fields button and entering the items. But after I click Submit Changes, the new items that I have added are gone.

The only explanation that I have been able to come up with is that maybe FreePBX has a limit on the number of Dial Patterns for an Outbound Route. Our local calling area (651-665) has quite a few local prefixes, so maybe we’re being hit by such a limit?

I have worked on systems with over 10,000 entries.

I looked into the problem a little closer. It appears that up to 1001 entries work OK. But if I try to add 1002+, those do not get saved.

It looks as if there are several area codes which are sequential. These could be combined into a single entry. (

As an example, the area code range of: (612) 200-248 could be combined into a single entry of - 6122[00-48]XXXX

I am not aware of a program or website that will automatically condense the dialplan.