Is there a known problem with FLITE on latest distro?


Is there a known problem with FLITE on latest distro?

[root@ast asterisk]# which flite

I added the path to settings > text to speech engine
But when I try a simple test in the dial plan I get this error:

[2020-05-06 18:32:56] WARNING[15061][C-00001b38]: pbx.c:2922 pbx_extension_helper: No application ‘Flite’ for extension (from-internal, 1020, 1)

Need some help please in getting TTS to work. Any TTS is fine, preference for the simplest one.


(Sandesh Prakash) #2

Hi @vaibhav

Please run “yum update” and “fwconsole reload” from the console and your issue should be resolved.

Thank you
Sandesh Prakash

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Assuming yum gets you an updated Asterisk, you will need to restart asterisk as well:

fwconsole restart


@lgaetz @psandesh

Just a quick context:
I’m a first time user of FreePBX. It has taken me a lot of time & effort to install & configure FreePBX distro. More so because I have set it up on the cloud (VM with Linode).

I’m scared as hell to fire “yum update” – just in case of anything breaks due to conflicts :frowning:

I understand you cannot do anything about my fear but just saying…

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

That’s what snapshots are for.

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