Is there a guide for basic setup

Hi after some advice I have a sipgate basic account for my business

I have a business landline that I forward all calls to my mobile android phone

Now I have tried all of the various apps ie Linphone, Sipnetic etc but they are very hit and miss for me and they drain the battery badly

I do not use google services so cannot use a push service such as Acrobits

I will be honest I have not done much reading on freepbx but my understanding is I can setup freepbx on a spare pc and use a ATA connector - is this correct?

Then forward all calls to my mobile without an app running in the background?

I will never make any outgoing calls its only for incoming calls

Any advice would be much appreciated

if all youre looking for is to forward a call to your mobile many carriers offer this as an option: on an incoming call to a DID with the provider they can simply send it to any phone number - no PBX needed

to answer the question, yes you could do it with an ATA … however this seems overly complex in your case … why not just send it to your mobile directly from your ITSP and bypass the step of doing it via the ATA

Hi the landline number is registered with sipgate

So I could just forward the number from there?

Sorry for being dumb

Configuring-Local-Device-Phone-Call-Forwarding - sorry i cannot post links as new user

That is using a softphone to forward calls

You can forward calls at sipgate; see

If this doesn’t meet your needs, provide details and we can suggest other options.

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