Is there a free sip gateway service available to act as a bridge between asterisk and spa3000 on remote place

Is there a free sip gateway service available. what i want is to connect a
spa3000 (remote place) to that server then I connect the asterisk box to that server and make a bridge between spa3000 and asterisk without using portforwarding in the asterisk box

if there are. what sites ? and how to do it the bridge

thanks so much


Just register your SPA3000 directly to Asterisk - doesn’t need a SIP gateway - that’s the beauty of Asterisk.

I’m a teacher at SAIT Polytechnic and use the SPA3000 in the lab. Here’s the lab instructions for connecting the SIP side. You will want to set NAT=yes in your extension config in FreePBX.

You will also have to slip SIP past the firewall at the Asterisk end.

yes I have registered directly but because I am behind double nat (2 routers) I need to portforwarding the first to the second. and no allways connect with the first router. so i need a gateway. but thanks for answering

if there is a sip gateway service free please tell me