Is there a Fax Howto?

I’m hoping to set up fax-to-email in Freepbx via an incoming ZAP trunk, a dedicated pots fax line.

I’ve searched on the forum and the web generally, but I still cannot figure out if this is something that should ‘just work’ or extra modules are needed in Asterisk and / or Freepbx?

(Asterisk 1.4 & FreePBX 2.4)

I’ve also seen mention of email-to-fax but can’t even figure out for sure if this exists?

I have used iaxmodem and hylafax combination with success.

here is good resource for that.


Hi Scott,
many thanks for that info.

It’s now receiving faxes fine, the only minor problem is the fax detect does not seem to work - I’ve had to set the incoming route for the fax line directly to the iaxmodem extension & turn off all fax detection.

It’s a dedicated fax line so not a problem, but I am puzzled as to how the fax detect should work for future installs.