Is there a easy to call function for setting the password of voicemail?

Hi, i like to set from a external php file the specific mail password of a extension. I can i.e. set the extensions pass set by calling "asterisk -rx database put AMPUSER/(ext) password 111"
But for the mail password there is no option to do the same.

Background: I write a special hotel application for Micros Fidelio / Opera. At checkout of a hotel guest i like to set back automaticly the password to extension number.
For this i call a php file called delvoicemail.php which is placed on the webroot and give from my external app the parameter (extension number). This php file i like now to modify that it is setting back the voice mail password of this extension.

Best regards

Fred Montero, PBillX Inc.

The voicemail passwords are not stored in the database, they are in voicemail.conf. If your script simply edits that file than everything should work properly.

In this example:
202 => 2222,Joe Camel,attach=no|saycid=no|envelope=no|delete=no

202 is the extension and 2222 is the voicemail password.

Kerry Garrison