Is there a ChangeLog?

Hi Guys,

On FreePBX when we submit changes, I am sure that those changes get stored somewhere.

Can anyone tell me where those changes get stored, if they do ?

Thanks !

It is a very complex process, there is a database (Mysql), used to write a dial plan for Asterisk. Also a small Berkeley DB for real time stuff like CF and CID.

Thanks man !

Please bare with me as I am new with FreePBx/Asterisk.

But how can I go about finding the exact changes ?

So for example:

I change the extension 3401’s name from “Nick” to “Paul”

and I click submit changes.

Where does this change get stored before I apply these changes ?

and is it logged somewhere ? Is there a module that can do this ?

Thanks !!

There is no logging and no module that can do logging at this time. There are about 130 tables in the database. If we described each one you would be here for a while.

So to answer your question: no

thanks !