Is the priority queue working

I have 2 incoming line, first fro clients and second for vip. I need that callers in vip line have a greate priority, than other, and have a call with operator faster. As mentioned in freepbx guide, i create queue priority and set destination as incoming route (second line, vip) This line going to IVR.
Also i see, that this option was saved into table queueprio in mysql.
See context “app-queueprio” in extensions_additional.conf in which variable _QUEUE_PRIO is set.
But whan i make call in this vip line, I dont see anything like _QUEUE_PRIO or app-queueprio or something related to queue priority.
What i do wrong and how can i be sure, that this option work correctly. Now it seemed, that this option is not applied.

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