Is the personal FreePBX admin pages searchable on google even accessible it seems?

I was searching the net for resolution of my problem of my asterisk 1.5 install and was getting a lot of broken links. I finally found a few that worked and it seems like the same FreePBX screen that I have for my asterisk 1.5 install. The broken links seem to be the same pages of other peoples admin pages just not accessible at the moment. I dare not give the exact search that I performed in case I am right and some philandering goes on. I did find a few pages that I was able to open and go all through out someones administrative setting from a Russian FreePBX page all from a google search!!
I proudly admit I muddling noob to the nth power… but this seem like a major glitch.
If a administrator of this project contacts me I will give you the exact search that I performed if you are not aware of this.


Yes it’s possible. Those boxes you got into are run by totally dumb people. They put the system out on the internet without changing the default passwords, or opened the firewall to the box without securing the box properly. So anybody who wants to hack a system can do it.

This is scary but that is the kind of thing that should be difficult for a dumb person be able to enable. Anyway at least I reported it. Hopefully in the future it will be next to impossible to have this happen. =0

if people point their box to the outside world, there really isn’t any thing that could be done. As a result of your post, I did add a robot.txt file to FreePBX which tells search engines not to index the page - but … that really isn’t doing much to help the problem. The violations occur because of all the automated scripts out there that randomly seek out to crack systems, they don’t google for their ‘victims’ …