Is the module Intrusion Detection (still broken) (commerical module)

We have the commercial module: System Admin Professional installed on a FreePBX / SangomaOS box …

Once inside the module: and then selecting the (intrusion detection) option: the next set of screens do not load correctly.
We only see some “code” on the screen (like if) the module is broken.

I was thinking of re-purchasing the module, but if we did and it was broken: we would have just bought the module for no reason.

On other boxes: with the paid module: we do not have this concern
But, I was told by others: the Intrusion Detection module part of System Admin Pro was “broken” (in chat rooms).

Running: Activation (from) the System Admin module: shows this box is activated as a deployment …

Should we try to remove and re-install the System Admin module?

Thanks for any tips / suggestions.

post the error it displays. the module is not broken.

Also post from a shell

fail2ban-client version

Is your system up to date?

Intrusion detection has been moved out of SysAdmin for like a year now. Yes the link is still there, but it is part of the firewall screens now.
Peek 2022-01-24 18-27

From the CLI: (using this command)

fail2ban-client version

Did not display any version details

This PBX does not use the SangomaOS firewall module
This is not a SangomaOS build
No: /etc/schmooze/pbx-version (file)

We cannot even use the command:
fwconsole firewall stop

This box was built using “just” FPBX (using) the “old-way” of
SVN process (many years back)

Now, that explains to me why the System Admin Pro module is not working like it could … (even though) we were able to purchase and install the System Admin Pro module.

Without your TIPS about learning the FPBX vs SangaomOS build details (in another forum post): I would not have been able to figure this out.

Thanks for your TIPS!

Closing this out as solved.

You can get fail2ban from

I would suggest version 0.10.x , its jails include up to date and competent Asterisk filters, just point the asterisk jail to a logfile that includes notice. security, warning and error, (you don’t need verbose), have pyinotify installed for quickest response.

One good firewall that plays well with asterisk, FreePBX and fail2ban you might look at

The System Admin module, like all commercial modules, REQUIRES a FreePBX Distro system. Even if you do get it installed, it wouldn’t work.

Thank you.

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