IS that possible to create chan_dongle gsm gateway with current freepbx version and astarisk

hi everyone im new here. please apologize me for asking this question because i cant find solution for creating own free PBX server with gsm gateway without spending more money.

if i want to create gsm gateway with freepbx do i need to download older version of freepbx and astarisk or can i use current version?? if i can how can i configure

chan_dongle is third party code which doesn’t seem to have been touched in about the six years, and is documented as being of alpha quality, which normally means not suitable for even test use other than by the developer.

There is a good chance that no-one here can give you a definitive answer.

There appears to be a forum for it at which might provide some more useful information.

One other point to notice is, not surprisingly, chan_dongle has no code to send AST_FRAME_DTMF frames to the Asterisk core. That is basically because mobile networks don’t support DTMF reliably, in the network to terminal direction. People have been caught out by this when they have found that IVRs don’t work with chan_dongle.

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