Is shared line appearence doble these days?

I believe I’m after SLA… I’ve seen a mix of responses on whether shared line appearance is achievable on FreePBX.

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Lets say I have 3 three line phones and want to do something along the lines of this:

Phone 1 - Extn 4800

Line 1 - 4800
Line 2 - 4800
Line 3 - 4800

Phone 2 - Extn 4801

Line 1 - 4801
Line 2 - 4801
Line 3 - 4800

Phone 3 - Extn 4802

Line 1 - 4802
Line 2 - 4802
Line 3 - 4800

Is this possible so that when 4800 rings, it rings on all three phones, Line 1 on the first phone and line 3 for the other two phones? If so, can someone suggest how I’d go about it?

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BTW - if it matters, this is with using analog lines.

Why not use a ring group? Or do you have the requirement of putting people on hold and picking them up at another extension?

We’d ideally like to be able to have someone on the line and be able to pick up from another extension… or even the person on 4800 says, “such and such in the line, do you want to jump on with us” to the person at 4801 or 4802… or both and they just pick up the line without have to do a conference.

Is that possible?

Is that possible?

Not even remotely. If you want to try the very cutting edge use the Asterisk 1.11 based beta of the FreePBX distro and take a look at the sla.conf config notes.

It works but with high overhead, lack of features and no support inside FreePBX it is a custom setup.


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Sorry Skyking. I very rarely post on forums and am not aware of all of the proper etiquettes. Instead of spending several days replying / re-replying to posts, I was willing to share my solution via personal contact. Please note that was not attempting to solicit business in hopes of any personal gains. Again, very sorry for the improper attempted use of personal message.

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Yet you continue to not share your solution?

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Joe - when you get a spare moment, I’d be interested to take a look at the solution you have come up with.

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