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Is RMS ever coming back?


I really liked RMS during the beta, it worked very well.
Any news on a possible release ?

(Dave Burgess) #2

From the discussions we had when it went away, I think the resounding answer was “No”. It sounded like the system was too expensive to field and maintain, and ended up being too big a money and resource hog.

If someone asked nice (not me, I’m already fully committed) I expect that the RMS stuff could be had “for a price”. Then one could, theoretically, set up a new monitoring service and figure out how to monetize it, as well as deal with all of the backlash from when it’s wrong (which, IIRC, was the other problem).


Thanks for the info. I really liked the product, too bad it’s not coming back.

(Tom Ray) #4

That’s the problem. There weren’t many that felt it worked like that at all.