Is retrieve_conf executed when applying changes?

I’ve created retrieve_conf_post_custom and defined AMPLOCALBIN in amportal.conf. If I execute retrieve_conf from the command line, the retrieve_conf_post_custom script is executed. When I click Apply Configuration Changes and Continue with reload in the web interface, retrieve_conf_post_custom is not executed. Is this the expected behavior? How do I execute a script when applying changes in the web interface? FreePBX version is 2.8.


retrieve_conf is executed when you apply configuration changes.

Check your permissions and paths, when you test it from the command line, make sure you run it as the same user as the browser (probably user asterisk).

e.g. sudo -u asterisk ./retrieve_conf

That was it. The asterisk user didn’t have write permission to the file the script is modifiying. Thanks for your help.