Is not working with outbound calls using the PSTN trunks

Hello everybody,

have a lot of issues trying to use a second PSTN line for outbound calls. Have the ZAP trunks configured as fabric default, but all the ways that I already tested are using only the line in position 1.

Have 7 FXO and 1 FXS ports on the box.

Any help or template, will be appreciated !!!

I have each analog ZAP FXO defined as a separate trunk.

In your outbound route, near the bottom of the page just add the trunks you want used by that route.

Thanks for your answer, but actually was one of the things that I did from the beginning, assinged the g0 to every ZAP port, and the result was the same. With the inbounds calls don’t have issues at the moment, but just for the outbound ones.

If all the ports are in one zap group then in the outbound route you only need to select the single group and it will use the next available line in the group (when you defined the zap trunk you didn’t set max channels to 1 did you?) . But if you defined each line in to a different group (so one you have one line per group) you then need to select each of the groups you want it to use, in the order you want to use them for the route.

Just to clarify this, in my setup I don’t use the G0 format at all, just zap channel numbers (no G).

By using G0 (or G1 etc) you are allocating multiple channels to a single group, then letting the system sort out how it allocates channels within the group.

Using channel numbers directly (like ZAP/1) allows you to decide exactly how and when each individual channel is used.

If you are using lots of trunks in a hunt group (or ‘Auxiliaries’ in current British Telecom jargon), then Groups are almost certainly the best option.
However, most of my customers are small businesses or shared sites using custom contexts, so I’d rather have full control of each channel (trunk).

Thanks for the comments rjenkinsgb and fskrotzki !!!

About the options here are the more specific scenarios and what I already tried:

  1. Currently I am using 3 ZAP Trunks, all of them defined as g0 and max channels 1 (someone told me that should be that way).
    What is happening now, is that port 1 (FXO) is working OK for inbound and outbound calls and have one PSTN line connected there; ports 2, 3 and 4 (all FXO ports), are not working; ports 5 and 6 (FXO ports) are working OK for inbound calls, and have two PSTN lines connected to them, but can’t make oubound calls.
    The final scenario that I need is to have 3 PSTN lines connected to the VoIP PBX, and that can receive inbound calls (I know that will depend on the DID called) and make outbound calls in a per hunt group basis (maybe that last one is not feasable).

  2. This one is using the ZAP/X (X any number) as fskrotzki said, maybe will have more work to do, but looks a good one to try.

And one last question, on the gui interface say that ports 1 through 8 are Active (Port #7 is FXS), if ports 2, 3 and 4 are not working, shouldn’t those show up as Inacitve of Damage or something else?

For #1. If you have three ports in g0 then max channels should be 3. Max ports says to restict the usage of this group to one port so it will NOT use the other potential ports.

What do you mean by not working? If nothing is connected the card does not know anything about that. If the card say’s the ports are functional (it will with or without a cable plugged in) then they will be listed as active.

OK, I figured out that about the max channels, but still can remember who told me that with 1 will be enough, anyway, will change the max channels to 3.

About the ports not working, I already tested those, and when I connect the other two lines on ports 2, 3 or 4, they are not working, no inbound, no outbound calls through them … on a desperate tests moved the lines to port channels 5 and 6, and have the result that inbound calls were working on those two ports, but outbound ones.

if you put one port in a group (Port1 = g0, Port2 = g1, port3=g2, etc) then set max channels to 1 would be correct.

OK fskrotzki, I will test that today and will let you know,

Thanks !!!