Is Jabra GO6400BS Compatible with Sangoma S500?

Is Jabra GO6400BS Compatible with Sangoma S500?

Purchased a EHS30 adapter. Tested with no luck. Found links stating this adapter works with the 92x and 93x series. Didn’t seem to work with the 6400

Doesn’t appear to be supported currently, here is a list of supported headsets:

Is this headset capable of DHGS if so it should work? I cant find any information on the Jabra website if it supports DHGS like all the other Jabra headsets that we support do.

Hi Tony,

Yes it is DHGS capable.

The EHS30 device has a light indicator that doesn’t turn on. Has this typically been lit up for you?

I have an RJ45 from the Jabra to the EHS30. Rj12 to the phone into the EXT port

On mine, the green LED flashes once very quickly whenever I touch the the hook switch on the headset, otherwise it stays off.