Is it worthwhile to email [email protected]

I noticed a lot of Asterisk password scanning on my server and tried a new approach by emailing [email protected] to shut their customer down. I figured the ISP might now like it if their servers are used to attack other servers. Their reply was less than satisfactory (they’ll investigate). Any comments? Am I wasting my time?

Waste of your time. They don’t care. They get tens of thousands of them a week.

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I’ve had varying degrees of success in the past, but I’m sure it’s dependent on their current workload. I believe that there are more automated systems in place now that catch traffic that matches certain patterns (like progressive port scans). For that reason, I suspect they don’t do much as a result of direct contact.

However, one time I began receiving a lot of SPAM and malware being emailed to me on a private address that only one company had access to - Solar Winds. I contacted them and explained that somehow their email database had become compromised, and they said “sure, ok, we’ll look into it.” About 9 months later, I received an email back from Solar Winds thanking me for contacting them, and confirmed that a marketing person had a virus and apologizing that it took so long to resolve it.