Is it possible to use your 'away' status to redirect calls?

Is it possible to somehow use your phone’s away/active status to redirect calls? Sort of like a day/night call flow toggle.

It might not be possible because somehow I guess you’d have to be able to insert the check on internal (extension to extension) calls

About a million years ago, I wrote a ‘side’ project for TrixBox (Hi Wade!) that would manage my extension in my home office by setting the resetting the Extension DND settings through a database “set” command from the Asterisk command line. It was tied to the presence of my cell phone’s Bluetooth connection. If the phone was “close”, calls would go to my office phone; if not, they would DND through to the cell’s “extension”.

Something like that (scanning a datasource and using an ‘rasterisk’ call to set the DND status should be simple enough.

That sounds brilliant, and exactly what I want to do - it’s the DND routing bit that I’m having trouble with.

I can easily set my presence with the Zulu desktop client app. That works. :white_check_mark:
I can use rasterisk to set call flows. :white_check_mark:
What I can’t do is get the DND status to change call behaviour. :x:

In UCP, you can set what happens when you change presence. Maybe rather than DND, you’d want an Away status to engage Findme/Followme?

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I don’t have a specific answer for getting the status, but a shell script that uses the equivalent of ‘rasterisk database set EXT/DND ON’ (using the correct syntax, of course) is the bulk of the code I wrote. I used a cron job that, once a minute, checked to see if my cell phone was visible to the bt tools in the OS. That way, I didn’t have to try to mess with the Bluetooth stuff in Asterisk - I could just use the (basically) “nmap for BT” to see if the phone was there or not.

Thanks Bill - I haven’t found this setting actually does anything! Have you? :rofl:
Dave - thanks - it’s not so much the getting the status that I am struggling with, it’s getting the call flow to change its behaviour DEPENDING on the status.

My mistake for taking documentation at its word apparently. I tried it, and agree it doesn’t work. seems to be relevant. I don’t get what the REST Apps module has to do with it.

No I don’t know what the REST apps module has to do with it either. AFAIK REST apps are just “to control PBX functions and call settings directly from the screen of their phone.” So quite how/why it’s relevant to FreePBX call flow logic doesn’t make any sense to me. Zulu is already successfully changing the user’s presence state. It’s the bit AFTER THAT that’s not working.

btw, I have a ticket open about this issue here too

Sorry I didn’t see your other thread on the matter. I surmise that REST Apps daemon has the logic that handles monitoring presence changes and activating FMFM or DND even though it’s beyond the phone scope. And that stinks because you would have to buy the commercial module to make this unrelated function work. Even worse, in my opinion, is that the documentation seems to indicate this should “just work” and doesn’t mention needing to buy REST Apps at all.

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hmmm. I’m not so sure. I think it’s supposed to work and doesn’t, due to a bug. There’s a bug open for it at the moment but there’s been no progress on it - and it’s been months - so I wouldn’t hold your breath!