Is it possible to use one network for isp's + one interal network for the extentions

I’m really in the start, and have ~no experience of this.
We have 2 separate networks, the internal network blocked for e.g. connection to our telephone provider provider. This network is wired to all locations where we want telephones. The other open network are available just at a few locations. This is stated to be of safety reasons, this is absolutely nonsens, but the provider of this network sells their own IP telephony systems, an we cant change.
I have tested the FreePBX with a few ip telephones and a spa 3000 as a inbound line from an anloq line, this works great so far.


Is there a question here? I regularly put FreePBX systems in using two network interfaces, one on the data network and one on a separate voice network (or VLAN) so the broad answer is yes it will work. The main issue that you might have is routing across each of the two LANs.

May I configure 2 networks in FreePBX, 1 for the WAN assigned to the trunks, and one to the LAN for the extensions?
If Yes, how do I do this?


Just configure the trunks as normal in FreePBX. Its at the lower Linux level that any routing is done. If you have a single subnet on the LAN side then it’s just a matter of making sure that the default gateway is set on the WAN facing interface. You can set the gateway in the /etc/sysconfig/network file as when this is the IP address of your router to the internet.

If you have any networks across a VPN or MPLS on the private side simply use static routes (assigned in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ethx_route where x is the interface number.

Don’t forget to add any additional networks to be excluded from NAT processing under the localnet settings in SIP settings module.